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As seen on ITV 1 "May the Best House Win" November 2011
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Eddie the Eagle signed photo framed

Eddie the Eagle signed photo framed
February 13th 1988, the Winter Olympic torch was lit in Calgary, Canada, and three decades ago the Winter Olympics weren't really that keenly anticipated in the UK. However the 1988 Winter Olympics broke the mould and was unlike any other Olympics since - due to a Jamaican Bobsleigh team and a man in milk bottle glasses from Cheltenham. Eddie is now working as a plasterer. Plasterer Michael Edwards was going to become the first competitor to represent the UK in Olympic ski jumping. 16 days later Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards was a world famous celebrity... and he still is? Eddie says - I can't believe it. I was 24 when I went to Calgary in 1988 and now I'm 44 but I can remember it like it was yesterday. “After the 1988 Winter Olympics came all the showbiz trappings. Eddie said: "I did things I thought I'd never get chance to do." "I sung a few records, opened nightclubs... I did loads of TV and radio work all over the world - travelling by private jet and helicopter from one job to the next. It was great." "And the attention from these beautiful women who two weeks before Calgary wouldn't have even noticed me. It was amazing."
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