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Bobby Moore signed 1st day cover

Bobby Moore signed 1st day cover
Bobby Moore signed 1st day cover good example of Bobbies signature we are aware that due to the sheer amount of Bobby Moores now available on the market (some which are questionable!!!) the price for the first time has taken a dive however memorabilia is like house prices and the stock market it will come up again however with one of the largest collections of Bobby Moores in the world we do need to sell some and are offering a few at very attractive prices.

As a Sports Agent Bobby Moore was our very first sports client, when he joined Southend United our local Football club. At the time he did very little work for us because of his illness, although Bobby did explain that to us at the time and he could introduce us to a mate of his Geoff Hurst, who said he would be pleased to consider any work we could give him. This started our relationship with Geoff Hurst and the 66 team etc. etc.

When Bobby passed on we made contact with Bobby’s first wife Tina Moore (who he was married to during his playing career) and have acted as an agent for her ever since. This has included television promotions, memorabilia, endorsements, etc etc. Some of these invitations involved other members of the family.

On the memorabilia front, we have sold Bobby Moore worn shirts, boots, Bobby Moore presented memorabilia, his Charity Shield, and lots of items that were presented to him during his career.

We were instrumental in the making of the film “Bobby Moore Hero”, which was produced by Sir David Frost and we have been given a credit on the film, which is now regularly shown on TV.

We negotiated sales on a number of items from Bobby Moore’s mother’s neighbor.

items that were given to her by Bobby Moore’s mother. We also handled the sale of items from the original chairman of Oxford City, one of Bobby’s clubs that he managed alongside Harry Redknapp.

We handled the sale of a number of items relating to Bobby that was originally owned by Noel Cantwell who was Bobbies long term friend and the best man at his wedding.

We have around 20 different examples of Bobby Moore’s signature and are used by a number of companies and members of the public to authenticate or verify Bobby’s signature and its many variants and there was certainly plenty of them from the late 50’s up until a week or so before his death.

We have been able to distinguish and identify many fakes and have helped many sellers and buyers. We also have examples of genuine Bobby Moore signatures that the styles of lettering have gone totally against the grain of his normal signature.

This expertise particularly with Bobby Moore is recognized by the UACC, Aftal, and leading Auction Houses etc etc. Over the years we have sold a lot of Bobby Moore signed items and up until recently due to our concerns with a number of fakes on the market didn’t wish to put any Bobby Moore’s signatures on certain particular on-line websites. However, we now feel that the market places is a much better and dare we say safer selling place than has been in the past and are now quite willing to sell item on other online web sites as well as

Please do not compare either in price or presentation our signed items with pre printed or fake Bobby Moore signed items; we still see them on a very regular basis. Bobby Moore signatures have a value within the trade and also retail, one would ask why a genuine owner of Bobby Moore signature would wish to sell it far lower than anyone else. It is a little bit like trying to sell a second hand car, where everybody else in the world is offering it at £5000 and you are offer it at £2000, you begin to wonder if you are buying a genuine item.

Please note that on all our items there is a full certificate of authenticity. A full authenticity certificate describing our relationship with Bobby Moore comes with each item that we sell.
£ 295 was £550