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Soccerbid were the first and ONLY memorabilia company in the world to be seen weekly on Sky Sports, Setanta & Match of the Day.

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We are a registered dealer of Universal Autograph Collectors Club: No 294

We are also board members of Aftal

AFTAL are working together with the Police, Trading Standards, and Customs and Revenue officers to monitor and help stamp out the ever-growing problem of non-authentic signed memorabilia being sold and distributed throughout the UK. 

Soccerbid was delighted to have supplied memorabillia to help raise 26 Million pounds for the 2011 appeal
As seen on ITV 1 "May the Best House Win" November 2011
As seen on the Quest channel (on Sky, Virgin & Freeview) December 2011
Edwin Moses signature and image

Edwin Moses signature and image
Edwin Moses signature and image
Legend is a common used word but here is a legend of American Athletics and what an Olympian and a medal winner!
Gold 1976 Montreal 400 m hurdles
Gold 1984 Los Angeles 400 m hurdles
Bronze 1988 Seoul 400 m hurdles
World Championships
Gold 1983 Helsinki 400 m hurdles
Gold 1987 Rome 400 m hurdles
IAAF World Cup
Gold 1977 Düsseldorf 400 m hurdles
Gold 1979 Montreal 400 m hurdles
Gold 1981 Rome 400 m hurdles
Goodwill Games
Gold 1986 Moscow 400 m hurdles
£ 65.00